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HTA7™ - REPROTIN (Hormone Growth Replacement)

Reprotin™ w/ HTA7 formula
3,000ng, 30ml Oral Spray

HTA7 is...

* Stimulates Higher Growth Hormone Production
* Stimulates IGF-1 Release
* Promotes increase of Lean Tissue
* Promotes Decrese of Adipose Fat Tissue
* No Prescription Needed

Make no mistake - this product really works!

HTA-7 is a clinically-tested true growth hormone-releasing product. Unlike attempts by some companies to use create dubious hGH releasers (for example, herbal L-dopa or a simple combination of arginine and ornithine), this revolutionary product contains a bona fide active polypeptide.

Most users of HTA7 Formula™ respond quickly to it and immediately notice improved vitality and even improvement in libido. Those results are not surprising, as hGH and IGF-1 levels naturally decline with aging.

Human Growth Hormone has many benefits: decrease in cholesterol and body fat, increase in muscle mass, stronger bones and tendons, enhanced immune system, faster wound healing, improved blood pressure, more energy, etc. Besides its medical, fitness, and cosmetic uses, hGH is a vital part of longevity treatment. It helps retard and even reverse some of the ravages of the aging process. However, the high price of injectable hGH and the need for prescriptions makes the therapy too expensive for most people who need or want the benefits of enhanced growth hormone release. HTA7 Formula™ was designed by a biochemist to be a safe, affordable, easy-to-use, and effective alternative to prescription hGH injections.

In clinical testing, HTA7, HTA7 Formula™'s active ingredient, produced the following results: 8% increase in lean body mass and 14% decrease in adipose fat tissue over a 6 week period.

  • "I have the benefit of working with a number of athletes who have recently started using the HTA7 Formula™ product line to supplement their diet. The feedback from my patients has been very impressive. Their down time is less, their energy levels are increased, and their performance is maximized with this line of product."
    - Dr. Keith Engler, Flagler Beach, FL

  • "HTA7 Formula™ the most amazing nutritional supplement we've ever produces GH-like results! Even my most debilitated and elderly patients get fast, unbelievable results...To a person, all of my patients report feeling energized and years younger. And they really look more energized and younger, too!"
    - Dr. Jeffery Mariatt, Houston, TX

HTA7 Formula™, is a powerful 60-amino acid protein chain, known as a polypeptide. HTA7 Formula™ activates a specific receptor in the hypothalmus to produce growth hormone releasing factor (GHRF) which in turn stimulates the pituitary gland to release clinically significant quantities growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) into the bloodstream. This has been proven in scientific studies. Unlike hGH, prolonged use of HTA7 Formula™ will not cause the body's own production of GH to shut down. In fact, many people use HTA7 Formula™ in conjunction with hGH treatment.

A body produces GH in small spurts at various times during the day. Therefore, HTA7 Formula™ supplementation can be used aid leaning out or else for adding lean mass. It will never do only one or the other, but how you time its use will make it more effective in one direction or the other. If you want to use HTA7 Formula™ to promote maximum leanness, take it on an empty stomach before bed, to supplement your own natural GH spurt that occurs during the first 90 minutes of sleep. If you want to use it to assist in adding mass, it should be used after a meal.

HTA7 Formula™ comes as an oral spray containing from 2,000 to 4,000 nanograms of HTA7 Formula™ per dose.


HTA7 Formula™ is available as an oral spray or in tablet form.

HTA7 Formula™, 30ml Oral Spray
(From 2,000~4,000ng available)

Ingredients: HTA-7™ polypeptide containing the following amino acids: Leucine, Proline, Lysine, Glutamine, Aspartic Acid, Metionin, Alanine

Other Ingredients: Deionized Water, L-Lysine, L- Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, Melatonin, Pyridoxine HCl, Trace Minerals [Calcium, Iron and Sulfate], Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol
This product does not contain Growth Hormone.

Suggested Use: Take 2-3 sprays in the mouth under the tongue 2-3 times daily.


What is HTA7 Formula™ ?
HTA7 Formula™ is a dietary supplement that helps to stimulate endogenous Growth Hormone production. HTA7 Formula™ contains a highly advanced, patent pending polypeptide called HTA-7™.

What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?
Mounting science and clinical evidence has documented the usefulness of Growth Hormone (GH) as an anti-aging tool and has ensured the continued relevance of GH in an ongoing exploration of anti-aging medicine. Central to GH’s value as an anti-aging tool is its ability to promote cell regeneration, stimulate tissue repair and energize the immune system. Since virtually all the complications related to aging appear to stem from the body’s progressive inability to repair its cells as it loses them, GH appears to be center stage in the anti-aging arena.

Growth Hormone is a 191 amino acid protein chain that is synthesized and secreted by the pituitary gland found at the base of the brain. GH enters the bloodstream in pulses, predominantly at night, and is quickly metabolized by the liver into insulin-like growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2. The natural decrease of GH secretion with age starts in the mid-twenties and continues as we grow older. By the age of 60, GH levels are typically reduced to 15-20% of their levels at the age of 25, sometimes even less.

What is HTA-7™?
HTA-7 is a polypeptide, a small protein chain that follows two metabolic pathways. One, HTA-7 behaves like Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF) on the pituitary gland to help stimulate the release of Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is then quickly converted in the liver to Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). HTA-7 also binds directly to Growth Hormone receptors in the liver to directly stimulate the release of IGF-1. The end result of this dual pathway stimulation is that HTA-7 generates a measurable IGF-1 response.

How is HTA7 Formula™ packaged?
HTA7 Formula™ is available as an oral spray or in tablet form.

What benefits will HTA7 Formula™ provide?
People who have used HTA7 Formula™ have reported overall improvements in their general well-being, vitality and also the following benefits:

• Stronger bones
• Enhanced immune system
• Accelerated wound healing / tissue regeneration
• Decrease in total cholesterol
• Increase in muscle mass without exercise
• Loss of body fat without dieting
• Improved blood pressure
• Younger, more durable skin with fewer wrinkles
• Increased Energy
• Enhanced sexual performance and libido
• Increased cardiac output
• Enhanced exercise performance
• Improved mood
• Improved sleep pattern
• Organ regeneration
• Regrowth of lost hair

What clinical studies have been done on HTA7 Formula™ and what were the results?
A clinical trial was conducted on HTA7 Formula™ using twenty-five subjects. The subjects noted improvements in energy, mood, libido, sleep, and mental clarity. Researchers also noted significant objective improvements, including increased IGF-1 levels, lowered cholesterol, increased bone density, increased lean body mass, and decreased body fat.


The clinical trial posed two challenges. The first was to document the ability of HTA-7 to stand alone as a new GHRF. The second was to determine if HTA-7 could be combined with other GHRFs to create a superior result. (HTA7 Formula™ also contains the other releasing factors used in the clinical trial.) As such, two separate trials were conducted.

• Trial #1: HTA-7
Ten individuals ranging in age from 30 to 69 years were given 30 nanograms (or 0.000000030 grams) of HTA7 in the form of an aerosolized oral spray before bed, over a 30-32 day period.

• Trial #2: HTA-7+
Fifteen individuals ranging in age from 38 to 70 years of age were given an effervescent tablet to take once daily over a 25-36 day period that contained 20 ng of HTA-7 in combination with 1200 mg each of the amino acids lysine and arginine.

Comment: Previous published experimentation has shown that the combination of lysine and arginine in the doses used with Trial #2 is an effective GH releasing factor.

The HTA7 Formula™ clinical trial demonstrated the following:

1. IGF-1

Summary: All study participants achieved improvements in IGF-1 levels. Male subjects demonstrated an increase of up to 50% and female subjects an increase of up to 100%.

Discussion: The principal hormone measured in order to establish whether there is an increase in growth hormone secretion is IGF-1. And indeed, clinical research with HTA-7 alone (Trial #1) confirms that HTA-7 is a bona fide, stand-alone GH Releasing Factor. Furthermore, it also appears that HTA-7 in combination with the amino acids lysine and arginine is capable of increasing IGF-1 levels in excess of HTA-7 alone. These results confirm that GH secretion is increased with HTA-7.
In addition, the following observations may be made from the IGF-1 data shown below: The change in IGF-1 concentrations in the presence of HTA-7 alone or in combination with amino acids was found to be both age and sex dependent. A more substantial change in IGF-1 concentrations was noted with advancing age groups, regardless of sex. A woman’s IGF-1 response to HTA-7 with or without amino acids was calculated to be greater than a man’s response. This difference in IGF-1 did not result in significant body mass changes between the sexes. It should be noted that across all clinical trial participants, the greatest percent change in IGF-1 concentrations was observed in participants that started with very low baseline IGF-1 concentrations ( e.g., 21 ng/mL).

Comment: IGF-1 concentrations and total cholesterol levels were determined by collecting participant blood samples at the beginning of the studies and at their conclusion.

2. Cholesterol

Summary: All study participants achieved lower cholesterol levels; most of which were clinically significant decreases.

Discussion: The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) has been advocating that people maintain a low total blood cholesterol level as a means to minimize the potential for cardiovascular disease. Current NCEP guidelines recommend that adult individuals work toward reducing total cholesterol levels to at least 200 mg/mL as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The majority of clinical trial participants using HTA-7 (with or without amino acids) demonstrated a clinically significant decrease in their total cholesterol levels over the study period, in the absence of additional measures. Study results for Trial #2 participants are presented below.

3. Bone Density

Summary: The average increase in bone density for study participants was 12.6%.

Discussion: The importance of bone density to general health is very simple. Stated succinctly, an increase in bone density decreases the chance of fracture and osteoarthritis. Bone density is a particularly important issue as the body ages, regardless of sex.

Since an increase in GH levels is known to increase bone density, the developers of HTA-7 expected that they would witness an increase in bone density at the conclusion of a clinical trial using HTA-7. Indeed, the average increase in bone density for subjects taking HTA-7 alone was 6.8%. The average increase in bone density for subjects taking HTA-7 plus amino acids was 12.6%.

Study results shown below illustrate the bone density increases measured for men and women in Clinical Trial #2. Note that neither sex nor age group has a significant influence on the activity of HTA-7 to affect bone density.

Comment: Radial bone density was measured by ultrasonographic technique.

4. Lean Body Mass / Adipose Tissue Mass

Summary: An increase in lean body mass (LBM) and a decrease in adipose tissue mass (ATM), or body fat, was recorded for all study participants.

Discussion: One of the basic roles of GH and IGF-1 is in the regulation of insulin levels, glucose metabolism and fatty tissue metabolism.

An increase in LBM and a decrease in ATM was recorded for all study participants in both clinical trials using an ultrasound-based body composition analysis. The noted increase in muscle mass and decrease in adipose tissue mass at the conclusion of the study period was slightly more than doubled for study participants given HTA-7 with amino acids. Participants lost an average of 13.2% of their body weight in conjunction with this change in body composition – and this was achieved without diet or exercise. These results are shown below.

Will HTA7 Formula™ work for me?
HTA7 Formula™ is a safe and effective supplement for adult men and women. Because the body’s own production of Growth Hormone naturally declines with age, individuals over the age of 40 will likely see the most benefit. However, many younger users report noticeable positive effects from using HTA7 Formula™, including loss of body fat, increased energy, an enhanced immune system, and improvements in sleep patterns.

How soon can I expect results from using HTA7 Formula™? What will I first notice?
Many people report both objective improvements (loss of body fat, deeper sleep, etc.) and subjective improvements (more energy, improved sex drive, etc.) in less than one month. It is common for many individuals who have difficulty sleeping to see sleep-related benefits in less than one week, especially when using HTA7 Formula™ tablets. Many who have used HTA7 Formula™ for numerous months report an overall improvement in general well-being, vitality, sexual function, and marked improvements are often noted in blood chemistry profiles.

Who should not use HTA7 Formula™?
HTA7 Formula™ is not recommended for use by individuals under the age of 21. Pregnant or nursing women and individuals being treated for a specific medical condition should first consult their physician before using HTA7 Formula™.

When do I take HTA7 Formula™?
HTA7 Formula™ oral spray provides a smaller dose of the HTA-7 polypeptide per administration. Suggested use is 2-3 sprays under the tongue 2-3 times daily, thus enabling the user to spread the intake of HTA-7 throughout the day. HTA7 Formula™ tablets provide a higher dose of the HTA-7 polypeptide. Suggested use is one tablet before bedtime, either every night or on a five-day-on, two-day-off regimen. Some users take both HTA7 Formula™ oral spray and tablets, using the oral spray throughout the day and the tablet before bedtime.

How long will one bottle or box last?
One bottle of HTA7 Formula™ oral spray lasts approximately 4-5 weeks. One box of HTA7 Formula™ tablets lasts approximately 3-4 weeks, depending upon whether the tablet is taken daily.

Are there any other supplements that I should not use while using HTA7 Formula™?

Are there any side effects?
A small percentage of individuals may experience a mild, transient headache when first using the oral spray. Within a short period of time, the body acclimates to the stimulating effects of the HTA-7 polypeptide and the headache subsides.

What is the difference between HTA7 Formula™ and other Growth Hormone products in the marketplace? Is there Growth Hormone in HTA7 Formula™?
Growth Hormone products in the marketplace generally fall into three categories: one, secretagogue products that help stimulate the body’s own production of Growth Hormone, two, products that actually purport to contain Growth Hormone, and three, products that are a combination of the first and second category.

HTA7 Formula™ fits into the first category and does not contain Growth Hormone. Unlike the other Growth Hormone secretagogue products that are, generally, various combinations of dietary amino acids known to produce only nominal Growth Hormone stimulation effects, HTA7 Formula™ is a polypeptide that consists of a specific amino acid sequence that replicates hormonal chemical messengers, resulting in a significant increase in Growth Hormone release.

Why did the makers of HTA7 Formula™ elect not to include Growth Hormone in its formulation?
HTA7 Formula™ does not contain actual Growth Hormone in its formulation for numerous reasons. One, Growth Hormone is a prescription drug and legally cannot be included in a dietary supplement, no matter how minute the quantity. Two, the current body of science does not demonstrate that the inclusion of Growth Hormone in an oral spray will increase Growth Hormone levels in the body. Three, because of the large size of the Growth Hormone molecule, it cannot be absorbed through the oral mucosa. Four, Growth Hormone is unstable and deteriorates rapidly in any solution that is not refrigerated and does not contain a scientifically precise environment.

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