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  1. Firmalogic De-Aging Mask
  2. Firmalogic Peptide Moisturizer
  3. Firmalogic 24 Essence
  • 1 Full size cosmetic brush
  • 1 Mixing Container

This new and outstanding Multi-peptide system made with the most successful anti-oxidant anti-aging peptide allows the Esthetician to offer a truly exceptional professional treatment mask for the face. It is great for facial toning, hydrating, and purifying the skin. Firmalogic Mask application will minimizes the appearance of large pores and encourages skin to repair itself. It promotes cell regeneration process, allows fresh young cells to surface and leaves your face looking smooth and fresh. It inhibits the progress of skin darkening and effectively, reduces irregular pigmentation, or freckles that already exist on the skin.
Firmalogic Mask also leave your skin healthier by stimulating blood circulation to the tissues. Thus they help the skin flush itself clean of impurities and toxins. As a result, your skin gets that healthy youthful glow.

1. Firmalogic De-Aging Mask (2 oz. / 60g)

Watch your wrinkles fade way instantly!

iLAB Solutions' exclusively formulated Firmalogic De-Aging Mask is a proprietary, bioengineered compound that is a complex of amino acids, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and other proprietary ingredients.

Efficacy of Peptide
Firmalogic De-Aging Mask offers more than twice Retin-A or Alpha-hydroxy acid's effectiveness for collagen stimulation to reduce lines and wrinkles. Accordingly, scientists are calling Peptide the successor to Retin-A that works to reduce photo-damage without skin irritation or other side effects. After the series of treatments, skin is left smoother and fresher, with markedly improved skin tone and luminosity.

The Master of Peptide Mask
iLAB Solutions' Firmalogic De-Aging Mask is unlike any other mask product currently available. It is truly a revolutionary breakthrough that will change the way we care for our skin. This unique Peptide Mask is originally designed for skincare doctors to miraculously diminishes fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin looking years younger. The clinical studies show that Firmalogic De-Aging Mask is very effective on all skin types for both men and women. After a ten-week treatment, there is a significant improvement in skin elasticity and texture. It smoothes wrinkles and fine lines up to 57% while improving skin texture and performance.

2. Firmalogic Peptide Moisturizer (1 oz. / 30g)

This skin renewal booster keeps your skin looking fresh, healthy and gradually reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Enriched with natural ingredients like aloe, precious oils, and other active ingredients that include the GC-100 Peptide which clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 57%, this skin balancing lotion delivers essential moisture to the skin's surface. Especially formulated with anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers that work to repair and prevent cellular damage.
Firmalogoc Peptide Moisturizer will minimized fine lines and wrinkles without the expense or side-effects (such as loss of natural expression) commonly associated with Botox.

How does Firmalogic Peptide Moisturizer work on wrinkles?
The appearance of wrinkles is diminished as the collagen matrix of the skin increased in absolute amount, to fade liver spots, freckles and uneven skin tone. Several key ingredients in the Firmalogoc Peptide Moisturizer, such as the novel peptide GC-100, decrease the concentration of melanin pigment in the superficial layers of the skin. L-ascorbic acid (stabilized Vitamin C), aloe vera, and licorice extract behave synergistically to reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation. In particular, Firmalogoc Peptide Moisturizer inhibits tyrosinase, which is a coenzyme in the enzymatic pathway of melanin synthesis on facial blemishes. Firmalogoc Peptide Moisturizer depresses sebaceous gland (oil gland) activity, which results an decreased incidence of facial blemishes.

Wash off the mask, then apply this intensely rich moisturizer to face and neck area to deeply hydrate and restore mature skin to a smoother, softer, more youthful appearance.

3. Firmalogic 24 Essence (0.7 fl.oz. / 20ml)

Firmalogic 24 Essence is an exclusive Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatment with Argireline. It contains an essential amount of Vitamin C, just the right concentration of Vitamins A and E, also beneficial minerals, and extra pure essential oils. Firmalogic 24 Essence helps the skin regain tone, moisture, silkiness and radiance. It provides a smoothing, antioxidant, brightening and protective treatment for all types of non-sensitive environmentally damaged skin starting to show signs of aging. When used prior to makeup, it helps to form a breathable moisture seal and helps to achieve a smooth and even application of makeup.

With ingredients to:
A technologically advanced combination of Vitamin C and Retinol in one formula with phyto-nutrients and DNA building blocks to promote younger-looking skin and encourage a healthy glow. Helps visibly increase tone and firmness by reinforcing skin's essential function. As its name suggests the skin is left silky smooth to the touch for 24 hours. A small amount goes a long way.

After moisturizing, apply 1-2 pumps. Use morning and night.