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A “perfect” product is more than a stable emulsion with the right active material. The consumer’s initial perception of the product is what the buying decision is made on. The performance of the product is what earns the repeat sale. A formulator must consider:

1. The desired function
2. Color / Aroma
3. Feel / Absorption
4. Packaging, i.e., spray, pump, jar, etc.

Most importantly,
5. How to deliver the targeted results

Lets face it, today’s consumer demands products that provides great results in shorter time frames. Formulators are racing to discover new ingredients that can deliver the results. iLAB is continuously is researching new ingredients and new technologies to enhance the delivery and overall performance of a formulation. The end result is advanced materials for targeted skin care, hair care, sun care and personal care products that provide specific results.

We offer custom formulating tailored exactly to the needs of our customers. Because of our ongoing research and development, we offer you the opportunity to formulate new products, improve and reformulate existing products, or competitive products -- at prices that you can easily afford.

Our dedicated staff of formulation chemists is experienced in a wide variety of product applications. We specialize in leading-edge technology, developing specialized finished product formulations on a completely confidential basis. All of our formulations can be tailored to conform to any or all domestic and international regulatory requirements.