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A True Solution for the Mid to Older-aged Skin

  • Specially formulated and designed for the silver-aged adults
  • Formulated with the finest peptide ingredients ever possible
  • No synthetic fragrances or dyes are used in the products
  • Essential oils used are of therapeutic grade
  • All products are Dermatologist tested
  • Regenclair users consistently experience noticeable and defining results
    – achieving beauty through balance, staying younger looking and preventing the effects of premature aging.

Turn back the clock. Renew that youthful skin and restore yourself to the years when your acne disappeared and wrinkles were only found on your clothes. Feel and look better than you have in years. Human skin has the wonderful and amazing quality to actually rejuvenate! However, virtually all skin care products in the market today which claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles merely temporarily plump up the outer layers of the skin. This effect lasts only a few hours at best. Why not try this phenomenal breakthrough product for yourself? You will notice visible results over the course of use of your first order. When used as directed, this cream produces results that Hollywood personalities get from their plastic surgeons, but without the pain or costs. Your skin will feel and look younger to you and others.

  • Contains more than 50% actives out of 100% composition in the formula.
  • Revolutionary Combination of patent pending plant derived stemcell technology combined with innovative active ingredients
  • Anti-aging, wound healing and whitening effect simultaneously.
  • provides concentrated proteins to renew skins youthful appearance, plumping sagging tired skins renewing a youthful appearance, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Can be also very effective to apply after laser, IPL, MTS Roller treatment.

Key Features:

  • Combats the signs of ageing by protecting your natural skins stem cells delaying the aging of essential cells
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with maximum Hydration
  • Protects skins vitality and youthful appearance
  • Nourishes and renews cells keeping the skin firm and supple. Naturally boosts tired collagen and renews cells
  • Visibly younger looking skin in 2 weeks - 15% in 30 days which ONLY improves with continued use
  • Lipisomal delivery transporting Plant Stem Cells to the aging cells
  • Releases powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals in cells

Skin Barrier is Controlled by Epidermal Stem Cells
The epidermis and notably the stratum corneum, its upper layer, protects the organism from the environment and external stress while simultaneously preventing water loss.
To perform this barrier function while confronting the environment, the epidermis undergoes constant mainte- nance, renewal and repair. This process is ensured by essential cells, the epidermal stem cells which are located in the basal layer, the deepest layer of the epidermis. There, epidermal stem cells replenish the epidermis with new cells. When keratinocytes migrate from the basal layer, they no longer divide but they undergo differentia- tion to form the outermost horny layer (stratum corneum).

Environment and Aging Compromise the Skin Barrier

Low temperatures, low humidity and abrupt environmental changes impair the skin barrier.
With age, the skin renewal is slowed down and the production of key barrier lipids is reduced. Besides, stem cells from older donors have been found to be less effective than those from younger ones.
Thus, both environmental factors and aging compromise the barrier function. Less protected, the skin becomes more susceptible to environmental stress. This results in a drier skin and accelerated aging.

Plant Stem Cells for Skin Stem Cells
Because epidermal stem cells control the formation, maintenance, renewal and repair of the whole epidermis, the first strategy to enhance the skin barrier is to:

• preserve the function of epidermal stem cells
• protect them from environmental stress.

All stem cells, independent of their origin (plant, animal or human) contain specific epigenetic factors whose function is to maintain the self-renewal capacity of stem cells. Therefore the Regenclair Stemcells are used to help to preserve the vitality of human skin stem cells.

Protective Compounds to Support Skin Barrier
At its extreme mountain habitat the alpine rose had to adapt to very hard environmental conditions such as exposure to intense UV light and big temperature differences. The plant is therefore especially rich in polyphenolic compounds with antioxidant and radical scavenging properties.

Well documented is the presence of hyperoside, myricetin, kaempferol, quercetin and taxifolin. Characteristic for alpine rose is the phenolglycoside rhododendron that was shown to exert anti-inflamma- tory effects.

The winter period is a special challenge, not only because of minus temperatures but also because of winter dry- ness. If the water in the stem is frozen then it cannot be mobilized anymore for the plant tissues. In order to prevent damage from dehydration stress, the cells of the alpine rose start to synthesize special protection proteins, called dehydrins. They are very rich in glycine residues and are known to accumulate during dehydration stress caused by freezing temperatures, drought or salinity.

In a chaperone-like manner, dehydrins stabilize other proteins and membranes by coating them with a cohesive water layer. In the same way, these cover proteins will impart benefits to our skin barrier.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect on "Crow's Feet"
The anti-wrinkle effect of Regenclair was evaluated in a study with 20 volunteers aged from 37 to 64. An emulsion containing 2 % of Malus Domestica Stemcell was applied twice daily for 28 days to the crow's feet. Wrinkle depth was determined by means of PRIMOS (phase-shifting rapid in vivo measurement of skin). Results showed a significant and visible decrease in wrinkle depth for 100 % of the subjects.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect During the previously described study, high-definition photographs were taken using the VisioFace Quick®. On these photographs taken with white light, the charac- teristics of the skin such as wrinkles, skin redness and skin radiance were evaluated by trained assessors. Results showed, after only 16 days a visible reduction of the depth and number of wrinkles on crow's feet by Regenclair Stemcell Serum.

Visible Improvement of the Skin Quality
Before (day 0) and at the end of the study (day 17),
the following characteristics of the skin of all volunteers were scored visually by trained assessors:
• wrinkles
• radiance of the complexion
• redness / irritations

On the half side of the face treated with the placebo, results didn't show any improvement of the skin radiance and redness / irritations compared to initial conditions and even a worsening of the wrinkles. Comparatively, the other side treated with Alpine Rose showed an improvement of each of these 3 characteristics.

Compared to initial conditions and to the placebo:
• wrinkles were less visible for 45 % of the volunteers
• complexion was more radiant for 54 % of the volunteers
• redness / irritations were reduced for 9 % of the volunteers.

Perception of the Efficacy by Self-Evaluation

At the end of the study, the volunteers were asked, using a questionnaire, to tell if they perceive a general better skin feeling on one side of their face, and if yes, on which side.
Criteria for a better skin feeling were:
• overall general improvement
• better protected skin
• less easily irritated skin
• skin better protected from cold

Results showed that:
• 22.7 % of volunteers didn't perceive any difference between the two halves of their faces.
• 27.3 % of volunteers perceived an improvement on the side treated with the placebo.
• 50 % of volunteers perceived an improvement on the side treated with Alpine Rose.


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